Reporte de Citricos


With 185 tons exported during week 11, the Chilean season comes to an end a bit sharply than the previous season. The total exports to date reached 110,794 tons, slightly higher than last season at the same week. Of this total, 13,301 tons correspond to organic blueberries, which experienced a strong growth this campaign, 33% compared to the previous year.

In terms of market distribution, North America accounted for 58% of shipments, Europe 29% and Far East 12%. In terms of volume growth meanwhile, Europe grew by 6,600 tons, the Far East by 303 tons while North America decreased in 6,167 tons.

With all, the 2018/19 Chilean blueberry season had a very similar behavior to last season in its beginnings, with a slow start associated with the lower spring temperatures while the end of the season showed a more abrupt fall in the export volumes from the end of February and throughout March.


North Zone:

Season is finished.

North-Central Zone:

Season is finished.

Central-South Zone:

The season is finished, with very light harvests of Tifblue and Centurion mainly.

South Zone:

Crops in the south zone have declined sharply in recent weeks, with limited volumes of Legacy and Elliot mostly.

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