Reporte de Citricos


The season is finished, although there are still some volumes to be exported, they will not substantially change the total volumes of the 2016-2017 season, which marked a new record in the Chilean blueberry exports, surpassing all forecasts and surpassing the 100,000 tons exported for the first time.

Total exports up to week 11 are around 103,000 tons, 13% more than the total exported in 2015/16 and 9% more than forecasted for this campaign. This historical record led to higher volumes shipped to Asian and European markets, which increased in 54% and 14% respectively, while North America grew 7%. As a summary, 63% of the volumes of this campaign were destined to the U.S, 22% to Europe and 12% to the Far East.

Another milestone of the season was the greater heat accumulation observed until late December (wk50). As a result, the peak weeks, which historically occur around week 50, began two weeks earlier (wk48) and with a historical peak of volumes that exceeded 10,000 tons, surpassing any initial projection. Consequently, the total exports up to the end of December (wk50) exceeded by 23,600 tons the shipments of last campaign the same period, that is +152%.

The highest volumes achieved in 2016-17 are based on a series of unusual events, among which are:

1) High stocks of frozen blueberries in the USA. This situation resulted in fewer possibilities for the Chilean supply, lowering the prices paid to producer for the frozen product. This caused a divert of higher volumes to the fresh market, and

2) Clearer markets in the late stage of the season, already mentioned because of the early production. In this way, a scenario of better market condition was observed in the late part of the season. Thus, Chile's late harvests were focused on fresh exports so the volume decrease in the final stage was lower than projected.


Season is finished in all regions of the country; being left limited volumes in harvest.


North Zone (IV-V regions)

The North Zone is finished. 


Central Zone (Metropolitan-VI regions)

The Central Zone is finished.


South-Central Zone (VII-VIII regions)

Regions VII and VIII are complete.


South Zone (IX-X-XIV regions)

South Zone is finished; there are still some harvests left but with very los volumes.

Mid-week will present abundant cloudiness from Los Ríos Region to the south which will to vary to partial sky quickly. Towards the end of the period cloudy sky is forecast between the Maule and the Araucanía Regions while the rest of the section will show little cloudiness during the whole period, except for the mountain area that could present partial to cloudy sky on mid-week.

In the temperature range, the section will show maximum temperatures above the average climatological of the month from Friday, a deviation that is accentuated towards Saturday between the Regions of Maule and Los Lagos.

As for the minimum temperatures, until Thursday they will oscillate around values lower than the climatological average mainly in the section between the Regions of Valparaiso and Los Lagos.

Source: Department of Integral Risk Management (DGIR)

Temperature Graphs Heat Accumulation Table