Reporte de Citricos


The export volumes continue to surprise. Given the high temperatures in the harvest areas and the subsequent early and concentrated crops, the peak of export volumes of Chile has been moved one week earlier according to the new curve of estimation (published in the previous edition), therefore, the peak of Chilean shipments of this season began in week 47 where they reached 4,826 tons. This marks a milestone in the Chilean exports, since these peaks were traditionally registered from week 49 onwards.

Most of the volumes of week 47 were shipped to the U.S (3,062 tons), of which 2,786 tons were shipped by vessel; therefore, this volume should arrive in a good period just before Christmas. The market is already preparing to receive these volumes with promotional campaigns and adequate sales formats.


Harvesting dynamic is maintained, with very concentrated crops. This has led to problems in obtaining handwork in some fields in the Central South zone of the country. The southern zone has already begun the season, the advance is also observed fast.


North Zone (IV-V regions)

The Northern Zone is in the final stage of the harvest. There are some fields left, mainly from the Region V, but with decreasing volumes. The progress is estimated nearly 90%.


Central Zone (Metropolitan-VI regions)

The harvest of Duke is finishing in Region VI, in Palmilla area meanwhile Brigitta and Legacy are beginning. In Chimbarongo, Duke's harvest peak has already passed. Legacy would join later this week.


South-Central Zone (VII-VIII regions)

Duke's harvest is in the final stage in the Central South Zone, progress is estimated around 70%. Legacy is just beginning, mainly in Region VII. Brigitta is starting this week. In Region VIII, Legacy is in fruit color. Harvesting starts within a week. Duke with decreasing volumes. Some labor shortage is reported in this area, given the concentration of the crop.


South Zone (IX-X-XIV regions)

Rains were recorder last week but no major effects were seen in he fruit. Harvest is beginning in Region IX with the firs pickings of Duke. Further south in Osorno, the season has not yet begun. Duke harvest is projected for week 50 - 51.

Precipitation is expected in the Cordillera sector between the regions of Valparaiso and La Araucania by the end of Tuesday. During the afternoon of Thursday is projected the entrance of a frontal system to the national territory, that will contribute precipitations from the Region of Los Lagos to the south of the country.

In the thermal field, there were maximum temperatures above the monthly threshold from the region of Coquimbo to Biobío, on Tuesday.

Subsequently, during the early hours of Sunday it is likely to present minimum temperatures near 0 ° C from the Region of La Araucania to the south of the country.

Source: Department of Integral Risk Management (DGIR)

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