Reporte de Citricos


This week the PMA is taking place in Orlando, United States; this fair gathers all the players of the blueberry industry and the produce in general. This meeting will serve as a platform to refine the arrival programs for the season that began with the air shipments that accumulates up to week 41 a total of 282 tons; practically the double of the previous season to same date. North America remains as the main destination, receiving 53% of the accumulated volume to date. Of this total, organic blueberries accounts for the 80% of the shipments. The Far East continues in second place, receiving 43% of the volumes.

As already mentioned in previous weeks, the estimated export volume is 105,000 tons, a volume that is 4.7% lower than the previous season record. In this estimate, the following facts have been taken into account: a) production aspects, it is expected that the high yield of the last season has had some effect in reducing the volume of this campaign. b) Weather effect, which has already generated an accumulated volume 110% higher compared to previous season up to week 41 and finally c) market factor, which due to the lower frozen blueberry stocks in the U.S., could led to a slightly lower export of fresh blueberries and higher frozen volumes exported from Chile.

At the moment, the harvest in Chile is progressing at a moderate pace, with volumes coming mainly from the northern regions of the country. While the areas of the central north and central south are slowly progressing due to the drop in the maximum temperatures and recent rainfall in certain sectors that have kept the ripening of the fruit at bay.

We hope you have a great PMA fair.


North Zone:

The IV and V Regions continue to provide the largest volume of harvest. Crop continues to advance at a good pace with early varieties such as Emerald, Jewel and Rocío, among others.

North-Central Zone:

The harvest progresses slowly in theses regions, mainly due to a drop in the maximum temperatures that have delayed the ripening process. Harvest has started in the early areas, mainly with varieties such us Rocio, Magnifica and Emerald, among others.

Central-South Zone:

The season is advancing slowly, with harvests reported in the early zones of the VII Region with light volumes. Rains have been reported this week in some locations as well as drop in the maximum temperatures that maintain the ripening at a slow pace.

South Zone:

The season has not yet started .

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