Reporte de Citricos


The season continues follow2ing its forecasted path and in the last week of the year a volume around the 9.000 tons was shipped, lower than the figure of week 52 that finally reached 11.467 tons, the highest figure of weekly exports ever reached. From now on, the volumes will remain around 9.000 tons which is considered the “full swing” period until the start of February. 


The weather remains optimal for the blueberry development; therefore, most of the people is currently asking if there will be more fruit for export than the initially forecasted. The answer is still unknown since there are still elements that might affect the initial estimate of 101,700 tons. So far, the accumulated volumes are 5% below the estimate. However, we will continue to monitor the harvest and export progress to give the adequate signals.


In terms of varieties, Legacy remains the most harvested with almost 40% of the exported volume in week 52, followed by Duke and Brigitta that combined accounts for 33% of the total exported.


Finally, a comment on the organic blueberries supply. On week 52, 411 tons were exported and up to date the season total is 2.629 tons, 5,7% of the total shipments. However this figure will continue to increase as the Southern Zone (IX to X regions) organic orchards enter into harvest. It must be highlighted that this zone does not present restrictions to export organic blueberries to the U.S.

Check the map of the Chilean blueberry producing regions here


North Zone:

Both IV and V regions are practically ending their seasons.


Central-North Zone: Regions RM, VI and VII

The VII Region remains very active and will remain so for at least 3 more weeks. The main varieties are Duke and Legacy, but a long number of other varieties make up the list in current harvest activity.


Central-South Zone: Regions VII and IX

The main varieties of the VIII region are still Duke and Legacy as in the VII and also, a number of other varieties under test and others older are part of the exports of this region. The IX Region will begin its greatest activity in week 1.


South Zone: Regions XIV and X

Greater activity is expected in this zone for the second week of 2018.

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