Reporte de Citricos


The volume dispatched during week 3 was 10,191 tons,  which 60.5% was destined to North America; 29.4% to Europe and 9.9% to the Far East. The accumulated export volume to the week 3 record is 73,116 tons, 6.2% less than the accumulated volume of the previous week, reducing the difference that has been observed throughout the season.

The accumulated volume is paired with the estimates, observing a season within which it can be considered normal for weekly dispatches in Chile.


In organic shipments, week 3 saw exports of 1,088 tons, the highest weekly volume of the season, which represented 10.7% of the total for the week.

Check the map of the Chilean blueberry producing regions here


North Zone:

There is only a contribution of the V Region of less than 0.5% in Brigitta variety.


Central-North Zone: Regions RM, VI and VII

The only region that continues in important harvests in the area is the VII that contributes with 32% to the total exported in the week, where it can already be seen the decline in its activity. Britghwell increases her harvest, ranking as second most important after Brigitta. They are followed in importance by the Legacy variety. These three varieties contribute 84% of the harvest. The rest contributed by a dozen of varieties with contributions around 1% each to the harvests of the region. RM completed and VI with minimal contributions.


Central-South Zone: Regions VII and IX

This region is contributing 25% of the export volume. The VIII presents a contribution only a little higher than the VII Region, and with a similar distribution of varieties, is still in full crop activity, unlike the VII that has already begun to slow down. In the ninth region, temperatures increased and crops were seen to rise, mainly due to the Rabbiteye variety.


South Zone: Regions XIV and X

Even though more activity was expected from February onwards in this region, temperatures rose last week, which caused ripening in some varieties, increasing the volumes harvested. In any case, this region contributes only 8% to weekly exports. 

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