Reporte de Citricos


A new week with a high export of blueberries from Chile, in response to the activation of crops by the increase in maximum temperatures. During week 4, there were exported 8,067 tonnes of fresh blueberries, maintaining a stable supply to the markets.

For this week and the next, volumes over 6,000 and 4,000 tons are expected respectively, and then a more marked decrease in exports will begin. The main producing regions (VII and VIII), began the decline in harvest and weekly export, while regions IX and XIV are currently in full harvest, yet the contribution of the first is still significant 57%.

The export of organic blueberries reached a volume of 1,148 tons (14% of the total of the week), in line with the volume observed the previous week which was 1,107 tons (10, 7% of the total).

The varieties with highest participation in the week were Brightwell, Legacy and Brigitta, with similar shares of more than 20% each, contributing 75% to the total volume exported. However, the remaining 25% was contributed by 33 varieties, according to export records. This is an indicator of the renewal of bleberry orchards in Chile with new good varieties and others in experimentation, which will mark the future of Chile's offer.

At this stage of the season and with the start of the decline phase ad portas, the question is whether the 101,700 tons of fresh exports estimated for the current season will be met. In the industry the bets were divided in equal parts in mid-January for more and for less respect to the estimate and the doubt still persists. However, considering that rainfall in the southern regions are normal and normally reduces the possibilities for export, we estimate that the season will be in the estimated order.

Check the map of the Chilean blueberry producing regions here


North Zone:
Completed. However, there are isolated exports of volumes around 30 tons, coming from microclimates and delayed production.

North-Central Zone:
In full decline of production, the VII Region, the most important in terms of volume, is contributing around 20% to weekly exports from Chile, in a downward trend. The main variety in harvest is Brigthwell with about 1.000 tonnes a week, followed by Brigitta and Legacy with similar contributions around 500 tons each and a third position of O'chlockonee and Tifblue with contributions between 100 and 200 tons per week. The rest of the varieties have very small contributions, less than 40 tons.

Central-South Zone:
With a current contribution of 50% to weekly exports from Chile, the south central zone has the VIII region declining its activity and the IX in full activity, There will still be 2 weeks (5 and 6) of high volumes (between 2,400 and 2,800 tons), after that, the declining will begin. The main varieties are Brigitta, Brightell and Legacy.

South Zone:
This region has been the surprise in this season, this is because the XIV region, in week 4 recorded a historical export of 1,673 tons, this is due to the increase in the plantations of this region, but also to the good climatic conditions from which It has been spoken before. Low incidence of rainfall has contributed to mantein the export of fresh blueberries of these regions. Currently, the largest contribution is the Legacy variety with just over 1,000 tons per week is 45% of the region's exports.

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