Reporte de Citricos


Good weather remains in center-south and south zones and it is expressed in both harvested and exported volumes higher than expected. Last week (5), 7.635 tons of fresh blueberries were exported, almost 1000 tons more than expected. This week and the next (6 and 7), regular rain is coming in the south and will interrupt the harvest and is highly probable that a portion of the fresh exports will be left out, adjusting the volume to the one initially projected.
The organic blueberry exports keeps firm, last week 1.293 tons were exported, 16.9% of that week total exports which is in line with the average of past 3 weeks.
In this moment, Fruit Logistica is taking place in Berlin, with a big participation of the Chilean blueberry committee. It is important to mention that Europe has taken 25% of the Chilean blueberry exports and an important share of the organic offer (15%) being the second market in importance, after the U.S. With this increase in the Chilean supply, this market will be one of the major targets to keep competing against new countries that have entered the international market.
To all the participants in Fruit Logistica 2018, we hope that you have a great trade show and do not forget to visit the blueberry committee stand and see the news about the Chilean supply.
Check the map of the Chilean blueberry producing regions here


North Zone:

Completed. However, there are isolated exports of volumes around 30 tons, coming from microclimates and delayed production.


North-Central Zone:

In full decline of production, the VII Region, the most important in terms of volume, is contributing around 20% to weekly exports from Chile, in a downward trend. The main variety in harvest is Brigthwell with about 1.000 tonnes a week, followed by Brigitta and Legacy with similar contributions around 500 tons each and a third position of O'chlockonee and Tifblue with contributions between 100 and 200 tons per week. The rest of the varieties have very small contributions, less than 40 tons.


Central-South Zone:

With a current contribution of 50% to weekly exports from Chile, the south central zone has the VIII region declining its activity and the IX in full activity, There will still be 2 weeks (5 and 6) of high volumes (between 2,400 and 2,800 tons), after that, the declining will begin. The main varieties are Brigitta, Brightell and Legacy.


South Zone:

This region has been the surprise in this season, this is because the XIV region, in week 4 recorded a historical export of 1,673 tons, this is due to the increase in the plantations of this region, but also to the good climatic conditions from which It has been spoken before. Low incidence of rainfall has contributed to mantein the export of fresh blueberries of these regions. Currently, the largest contribution is the Legacy variety with just over 1,000 tons per week is 45% of the region's exports.


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