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6,615 tons of fresh blueberries were exported from Chile during week 6 to the different markets: North America (72%), Europe (20%) and Asia (8%). This week marks the beginning of the declining volume phase of the current season. 
Up to date, there are two important factors to analyze. On one side, the impact that the organic blueberry supply has had, and on the other, the high probability that the final volume of fresh blueberry exports will be higher than the initial estimate of 101,700 tons.
In the case of the exports of fresh organic blueberries, the greater volume expected from the Southern Regions for this season was confirmed. So far, there has been 4 straight weeks with exports above 1,100 tons (see organic shipments graph). On week 6, the exports were for 1,180 tons and accounted for 17.8% of the total exported on the past week. This acquires greater relevance in the middle of the Biofach trade fair in Nüremberg, Germany, where the Chilean Blueberry Committee-Asoex has had a remarkable participation. During the fair, advances in organic market and production have been revealed, such as the world increase of 38% between 2011 and 2016. The demand for organic products is increasing every year and the bigger organic blueberry production in Chile is an answer to that demand. During the current season, the fresh organic blueberry exports account for 9% of the total fresh exports from Chile and it is highly likeable that the season will finish at 10%. Additionally, we have to wait for the frozen blueberry figures, where a similar share of organic fruit is expected. 
With respect to the final volume of the season, is very probable that it will surpass the initial estimate, mainly due to the weather, which has remained optimal for the fruit development and for the harvest labors. The scarce rains during the summer, have not presented too much intensity and for the next 2 weeks, the forecasts show that this condition should remain.
Check the map of the Chilean blueberry producing regions here


North Zone:


North-Central Zone:

The VII Region still remains in Harvest, although at the moment it is contributing with just over 20% of the week's exports. The main varieties are Brightwell and Tifblue.

Central-South Zone:

This is the area with the largest contribution at present, with 48% of the weekly export, The VIII Region on the downside is concentrated in the Brightwell harvests and a dozen other varieties that will remain in harvest for another month. The IX Region, for its part, stands out for its contribution to the organic offer with traditional varieties such as Brigitta, Legacy and Elliot and others of smaller volume. Also to the downside, this region will conclude in about 5 more weeks although the last ones with very low volume.

South Zone:

Although the decline in harvest and export activity has already begun, this area continues with great activity, especially the XIV, whose volumes have grown by 58% to date with respect to the previous year. This is the expression of the good climate that has allowed to maintain a flow of fruit to export in fresh. The most important varieties in harvest of this region are Legacy and Brigitta.

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