Reporte de Citricos


On week 7 4,863 tons of fresh blueberries were exported from Chile, reaching an accumulated total volume of 100,200 tons for the current season, which is on its final stage. With the volumes being exported this week, we will surpass the initial estimate of 101,700 tons.
The good conditions for both fruit development and harvest labors have allowed to increase the share of fresh fruit for export in the Southern Regions, therefore the final export volume has been re-estimated to 106,000 tons, a new record of fresh blueberries exported from Chile. 
Beyond the volume, good news is that the U.S., the most important blueberry market in the world, has received well the increased volumes from South America, that, with a consistent weekly supply has allowed to keep a steady demand.  This situation has also been observed in the rest of the markets. Up to date, the distribution of Chilean fresh blueberry exports is; 62.6% to North America, 24.4% to Europe and 12.8% to Asia.
The organic fresh blueberry exports decreased this week, after 4 consecutive weeks with shipments above 1,100 tons. The figure for week 7 is 716 tons, 15% out of the total exported this week. The total volume of organic fresh blueberry exports for the current season is 9,174 tons, 9.1% of the total.
Check the map of the Chilean blueberry producing regions here


North Zone:


North-Central Zone:

The VII region remains in harvest, contributing with little more than 20% of those exported during the week. The main variety is still Brightwell. Downward trend.

Central-South Zone:

It is the zone of greater contribution at the moment, with more than 40% of the weekly exports, although in clear declination.

South Zone:

It is the area that has attracted attention this season due to the increase in fresh blueberry exports, which also includes the organic offer. The increase in plantations and good weather have helped this region to express its potential as a late blueberry for fresh export. The variety with the greatest contribution is Brigitta.

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