Reporte de Citricos


The season continues to deliver good news in its final stage, because during week 8, 3,788 tones of fresh blueberries were exported from Chile, 22% more than the volume that had already been re-estimated. With this week are completed 104,703 tons exported, surpassing last year's record season of 103,000 tons.

Last week Shipments were mainly to North America (78.2%), followed by Europe (17.4%) and Asia (4.3%).
Organic shipments were 471 tons, 12.4% of the week´s shipments and following the expected trend.

The season is in an evident final stage, nevertheless, the good climatic conditions persist and it makes presage that the final volume could even get to surpass the 106,000 estimated last week for this season. Therefore, we will not continue estimating the next departures and we will limit to observe the volumes of these latest weeks of a very special season.
Check the map of the Chilean blueberry producing regions here


North Zone:


North-Central Zone:

In the last harvests of the VII region.

Central-South Zone:

In the final stage of the harvests on VIII and IX Regions, that will be extended by about 5 more weeks. It is important to note the greater volume of late varieties from VIII Region that have increased the volume in the last weeks with respect to previous seasons.

South Zone:

With traditional harvests of Legacy, Elliot and Brigitta, the southern zone will continue to be harvested for another 5 weeks.

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