Reporte de Citricos


107.229 tons of fresh blueberries have been exported in the current season, still with some weeks of shipments left that will help to increase the record figure of 2017/18. 
On week 9, 2,745 tons were exported, out of which 260 were organic (9.5%). 9,871 tons of fresh organic blueberries have been exported up to date. This week, the total exports were distributed as follows: 79.3% to North America and 16.9% to Europe. Only 3% of the total volume was shipped to Asia. 
We cannot let go the opportunity to make a recap of the Chilean Blueberry exports by zone. The North Zone has already finished its exports with a volume 45% greater than the initial estimate. Meanwhile the Central-North zone will end with a volume similar than the estimate but all the South Zone will surpass the initial estimates. 
There are multiple causes for the greater production and export volumes recorded this season, however, the lack of frostsin winter and the mild weather in spring with low rains in the fruit development stage and harvest periods were the main contributors in having an export figure very close to the productive potential. 
Check the map of the Chilean blueberry producing regions here
Check the total shipments by zone in charts below here


North Zone:


North-Central Zone:

With less than 500 tons of exports per week, this zone is at its last weeks of activity.

Central-South Zone:

It continues to contribute the most to exports, but with volumes close to 1,000 tons and downwards.

South Zone:

It remains in activity contributing with a third of the total exported, it will remain in activity for 3 more weeks with limited volumes.

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