Reporte de Citricos


1.609 tons of fresh blueberries were exported from Chile on week 10.  84% was destined to North America, 11,7% to Europe and the remaining 4,3% to Asia and Latin America.
On week 10, organic blueberry exports were 128 tons, 8% of this week´s shipments. The accumulated organic exports up to week 10 reached 9.951 tons, 9,1% of total blueberry exports. The U.S. accounts for 85% of the organic blueberry exports. 
At this point of the season, there are no big news expected for the next weeks.  Volumes are expected to keep decreasing and to be less than 1.000 tons per week.
During this week, some events have stopped the harvests and at the end of the week, a heavy rain is expected from the IX region to the south, which will stop the work of those who still have some production in unprotected orchards, marking the definitive end of this season.
Check the map of the Chilean blueberry producing regions here



North Zone:


North-Central Zone:

There are two weeks left of the later parts of the zone. Main  variety in harvest isTifblue.

Central-South Zone:

There are three weeks left to finish the season. The main varieties in harvest are Ochlockonee and Brightwell.

South Zone:

The last harvests of protected orchards could be extended for 4 more weeks, with very low volumes. Main variety in harvest is Elliot.

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