Reporte de Citricos


Week 11 marked the definitive reduction in the shipments of fresh blueberries  from Chile, reaching 670 ton, out of which 54 ton were organic. With this volume, the Chilean fresh blueberry exports surpassed the 110,000 tons. 
Of the total quantity exported on week 11, 77% was shipped to North America, 13.5% to Europe and 5% to Asia. 
Without a doubt, this has been a very special season, not only because of the record volumes shipped from the Southern regions, due to the increase in the planted area and renewal of varieties, but also because of the favorable weather conditions, especially in late season. Which allowed to fully express the productive potential of the crop in Chile.
Next week we will send the last edition of the 2017/18 Crop Report, with a complete analysis of the most relevant facts of this attractive and challenging Chilean blueberry season
Check the map of the Chilean blueberry producing regions here



North Zone:


North-Central Zone:

Last harvests of the season, less than 100 tons remain in the VII Region.

Central-South Zone:

Last crops, less than 100 tons remain to finish.

South Zone:

Last crops, less than 100 tons remain to finish.

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