Reporte de Citricos


Last week (12), only 162 tons were exported, 93% to North America, 3.7% to Europe and 2.5% to Asia.

The most important facts from this season:

- The slow beginning of exports due to the cold spring, which looked worse than it really was due to the early progress of last season. The first stage of continual increase ended with the season peak on week 50, with a record volume of 11.500 tons. The high volumes stage remained until the end of January, when the decrease began, marking the third stage of the season.

- Along with the cold spring, this season had no frosts and just a few summer rains, which helped to express the real productive potential, surpassing the initial estimate of 103.700 tons given in September 30 2017. This initial estimate considered a percentage of loss due to weather conditions that never occurred. So far, this season 110,571tons have been exported and the season is expected to end with a figure close to the 110,700 ton.

- The production by zones was, in general, greater than the previous years and greater than the initial estimate too (see charts), the only exception was the North-Central Zone that recorded exports 4.2% lower than the previous season. The greater increases were recorded in the North Zone (40.5%) and the South Zone (34.6%). 

- The market distribution of the shipments was leaded by North America, although this season, its market share dropped from 69% to 64.4%. Europe and Asia both recorded increases in their final figures of the 2017/18 season from 22% to 23.5% in the first case and from 9 to 12% in the second one. 

- Finally, the percentage of organic blueberries shipped is another milestone to remark, which was 9.05% of the total fresh blueberry shipments. 

Without doubts, it has been a great season, with challenges like the previous, but we have closed it with a new record export figure that makes all the participants pride.

See you on the next 2018/19 season.

Check the map of the Chilean blueberry producing regions here



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