Reporte de Citricos


The harvest is progressing focused on the northern zone where high temperatures have been reported this past week along with greater departure volumes compared to the previous season at the same week. The harvest’s pace in the Central north zone has declined due to the drop of maximum temperatures meanwhile in Central South zone the season has not started yet because of a similar reason.

174 tons have been shipped up to Week 40, which contrast with the 64 tons exported last season in the same period. The Organic volumes continue on the rise, representing 38% of the exports up to date.

The last week (40) shipments to North America were reactivated, accumulating a total of 82 tons to date followed by the Far East where 83 tons have been shipped so far.


North Zone:

Harvest of Rocio, Emerald and Magnifica continue progressing, among other varieties. Volumes are rising accompanied by high temperatures, which are higher than the historical average for the date.

North-Central Zone:

This past weeks, the harvest has progress a bit slower in these regions due to a decrease of the maximum temperatures which are returning to normal leveles. Main varieties in harvest are Magnifica and Emerald.

Central-South Zone:

This zone was affected by a cold weather last week. Although no major damage has been reported, the start of the season has been delayed. Harvest has not yet started.

South Zone:

The season has not yet started .

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