Reporte de Citricos


The blueberry harvests are still focused in the North Zone. Meanwhile, the Central North and Central South areas present a delay in the season due to the slow ripening of the fruit observed as effect of the temperatures that continue to record maximums below the historical average for the date.

Despite the above, shipments are still increasing and volumes are higher compared to the previous season. During week 43, 296 tons were exported, accumulating a total of 762 tons, this is 52% more than previous year to same week.

The Chilean blueberry shipments are still airfreights. 436 tons have been sent to North America, which concentrates 57% of the total shipments up to week 43, while Asia has received 289 tons, this is 38% of the total exports. In North America, the organic blueberry shipments stand out, where 79% of the accumulated volumes correspond to this type blueberries.

Despite the higher volumes to date, this figure is a mere 0.7% of progress with respect to the total estimate. The season is just starting.


North Zone:

The harvest continues to focus on the North Zone with early varieties such as jewel and Emerald.

North-Central Zone:

The temperatures continue to limit the Crop progress in this zone, which keeps the ripening of the fruit at bay.

Central-South Zone:

Crops progress slowly due to the climate. The maximum temperatures remain below the historic, which is affecting the ripening of the fruit.

South Zone:

The season has not yet started.

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