Reporte de Citricos


The crops in the north of the country are developing normally with higher volumes compared to the previous season. Meanwhile, the fruit in the north central and south central areas continues to ripen slowly due to the colder temperatures that have been characteristic of this spring. Even so, new areas are starting the harvests and it is expected that in mid-November the output volumes of the regions of the center of the country will be more significant. With the beginning of the mid-season varieties’ crop and with the rise in the temperatures that has been observed this week, the harvest pace should be normalized from now onwards.

Regarding the shipments, during week 44, which had two holidays (Thursday 1th and Friday 2nd of November), 507 tons were exported, most of them by airfreights while the first sea shipment was reported at the end of the Week 43.

1,279 tons have been shipped up to week 44, 38% more than the previous season in the same week. Of this total, 787 tones have been shipped to North America (61%) and 407 tones to the Far East (33%), while shipments to Europe remain limited, with a total of 76 tones (6%). 

210 tons of organic blueberries departed during week 44, this is 44% of the total exports of the week and up to date the accumulated volume is 554 tons, with North America being the main destination.


North Zone:

The harvest in this area is progressing normally. The main varieties in harvest are still Jewel, Emerald, Star and Rocio.

North-Central Zone:

The Harvest continues at a slow pace since the maximum temperatures remain low. The focus is maintained in the early varieties, such as Rocio, Jewel and Star.

Central-South Zone:

The crop progress is slow due to lower temperatures. The early zones and orchards under tunnels advance normally with varieties such as Jewel, Rocio and Star. The beginning of the mid-season varieties is expected to start by mid-November.

South Zone:

The season has not yet started.

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