Reporte de Citricos


The Chilean blueberry season continues with a slow progress, due to the recent episodes of rain and hail the export volumes have not increased as they should at this period of the season, as was mentioned in the previous edition, therefore, the gap on the exports compared to previous season has decreasing. Thus, 1,188 tons were exported on week 46, accumulating a total of 3,093 tons up to date; this is 3% more than the previous year in the same week.

Of the total exports of week 46, 65% (773 tons) were shipped to North America, 18% (209 tons) to the Far East, 17% (203 tons) to Europe and 0.3% (4 tons) to other destinations.

Regarding organic blueberries, 274 tons were exported during week 46, 23% of the total shipments. To date, the total accumulated counts 1,051 tons, of which 98% have been sent to North America.


North Zone:

The harvest is in the peak of volumes in these regions, and together with Central North Zone, is contributing with the most volumes to the exports. The main varieties are Jewel and Emerald.

North-Central Zone:

Harvest continue to progress in these regions and already is positioned as the second zone of greatest volume contribution to exports. However, the effects of the hail of last week, which is still under evaluation in those most affected areas, are still affecting the volumes. To the early varieties of harvest (Star, Emerald, Jewel, among others), O'Neal is incorporated this week and some light volumes of mid season varieties.

Central-South Zone:

Both, VII and VIII Regions are in harvest and are progressing gradually. The higher temperatures of these last days have favored the ripening of the fruit, so it´s expected a normalization in the picking rythm in the coming weeks. Early varieties predominate, while mid-season varieties are just beginning.

South Zone:

The season has not yet started.

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