Reporte de Citricos


The export volumes were activated during week 48, reaching 4,821 tons. This is due to the strong pace that the harvest of early varieties have presented in the South Central zone. In addition, the mid season varieties are also starting, adding more volumes to the harvest of the north and central north regions that already are at the peak of the season. With this, the period of peak volumes from Chile has begun with more than 7,000 tons of weekly exports, which will be reflected from this week (49) onwards.

The accumulated volumes to date counts 10,306 tons, a 10% of progress compared to the estimate, and 8% more than same week of last season. Of the 4,821 tons exported during week 48, 63% were sent to North America, 21% to Europe and 15% to the Far East.

The organic blueberries continue with higher volumes than last season. Up to week 48 1,717 tons have been exported showing a 50% of increase compared to same week of the previous campaign.


North Zone:

Both the IV and V Regions show decreasing volumes of harvest. The main variety is Jewel, others such as Emerald, Star and O'Neal have drop the crop rhythm.

North-Central Zone:

Its at the peak of harvest and together with the south central zone are those that contribute with the highest export volumes at this time. The main varieties in harvest are O'Neal and Star and to a lesser extent Jewel and Emerald.

Central-South Zone:

The harvest rate has increased strongly in VII Region while VIII Region is just starting. Early varieties such as O'Neal and Star are the focus of the crop in this moment while mid-season varieties are starting to take more strength.

South Zone:

The harvest of early varieties are just starting in some fields of Region IX, mainly those under tunnel. The volumes are still low.

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