Reporte de Citricos


Despite Chilean exports are already at the peak of volumes, the shipments of week 49 were below to the initially projected with 6,652 tons. However, the data inputs are still in the update process at the time of the issue of this edition and, therefore, the volumes assigned to this week could change, which will be corrected in the next edition.

Thus, 17,100 tons have been shipped up to week 49, this is 7% more than the previous year at the same week. Of this total, 66% of the volumes have been sent to North America, 23% to Europe and 15% to the Far East. The organic blueberries exports reached 1,976 tons so far, this mean a slight decrease compared to previous weeks.

On the other hand, the harvests continue progressing normally and the focus right now is in the central south zone, mainly VII Region. The north zone is in the final stage of its season, while the central north zone shows decreasing volumes. The south zone is starting but still with very low volumes.

As for the frozen blueberries, the Chilean exports increased by 67% in October compared to the previous month (September), reaching 3,169 tons. Even so, they were 12% bellow of the exports of the same month last year, when 3,611 tons were shipped.


North Zone:

The IV Region is decreasing its harvest volumes and has entered to the final period with limited volumes harvested per week; the season should extend for 2 more weeks. The V Region has already passed the peak and the volumes are decreasing, mainly from varieties such as Jewel and Emerald.

North-Central Zone:

Early varieties such as O'Neal and Star have already passed the peak of volumes. Duke is at the peak while other varieties less important in these regions are increasing the harvest volumes, such as Legacy.

Central-South Zone:

Harvest volumes continue to increase in Region VII. The main varieties at the moment are Duke, O'Neal and Star. Legacy has increasing the pace these weeks. The VII Region has also increased its volumes, mainly from Duke.

South Zone:

The harvest volumes in this zone remain low, are coming mainly from IX Region from orchards under tunel. The main variety at this time is Duke. There was rain in some areas without major impact.

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