Reporte de Citricos


During week 50, the Chilean blueberry shipments registered a strong rise compared to previous weeks, reaching 10,288 tons. This was mainly due to the increases from the south central zone, which contributes with the largest area of blueberries in the country. Thus, the VII Region is already at the peak of harvest with varieties such as Duke and O'Neal, while in the VIII Region Duke has increased strongly these last weeks.

With that, and taking into account that the season is already at the peak of departures, the strike at Valparaíso port which started on November 16th has not had an impact on the exports so far. Since the volumes have been shipped throughout other ports, such as San Antonio, the closest to Valparaíso and other ports in the south of the country, closer to the regions that are currently in the peak of the harvest. Although this situation could change, once the exports volumes from other relevant fruit increases, there is confidence in the country that the parties will reach an agreement in the coming days, therefore, this situation will continue to be monitored.

Of the 10,288 tons exported during week 50, 5,992 tons were shipped to North America (58%), 2,718 tons to Europe (26%) and 1,564 tons to the Far East (15%). The total exports of Chilean blueberries have reached 27,653 tons so far (week 50), of which 2,353 tons correspond to organic blueberries (9%).


North Zone:

Region IV is in the final stage of its season, with light volumes of varieties such as Emerald and Jewel. The V Region also shows decreasing volumes, but the harvests would continue with mid season to late season varieties.

North-Central Zone:

The Metropolitan Region and VI Region have already passed the peak of harvest although they still provide high export volumes. The main varieties in harvest are Duke and O'Neal.

Central-South Zone:

The Region VII is entering to the peak of volumes while the VIII Region increased strongly this week and the peak period should start the next week. The main varieties in harvest are Duke, O'Neal and Legacy that has increased strongly these past weeks.

South Zone:

Region IX gradually increases harvest volumes, mainly with Duke and to a lesser extent Star. The other regions have not started yet.

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