Reporte de Citricos


The shipments of week 51 decreased compared to the previous week, reaching 8,633 tons. 3,785 tons were shipped to North America (44%), 3,244 tons to Europe (38%) and 1,594 tons to the Far East (18%). The total volume to date reaches 36,454 tons, similar to the same week of the previous season.

On the other hand, there is more confidence in the industry with the end of the strike in the port of Valparaiso which finished on Friday, December 21st and with it, the normalization of the port's activities. It is important to mention that this strike, which lasted for 35 days, had no impact on the blueberry exports since the shipments were channeled through other ports, which kept the regular flow of supply to external markets.

Regarding frozen blueberries in the US, there were 90,719 tons in stocks as of November 30, 13% less than the same month of 2017, keeping the downward trend since September.


North Zone:

Very limited volumes in harvest. Season is in its final stage with varieties such as Jewel, Emerald, Legacy and Ventura among others.

North-Central Zone:

The Metropolitan Region and VI Region continue to contribute with high harvest volumes, although they have already passed the peak. The harvest of Duke is decreasing, while Legacy is on the rise.

Central-South Zone:

In Region VII, early varieties such as Duke and O'Neal are with decreasing volumes, while midseason varieties are increasing strongly, such as Legacy. The VIII Region advances at a moderate pace.

South Zone:

The harvest is progressing normally in Region IX. Volumes remain limited, mainly from Duke. The XIV Region is beginning, with low volumes.

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