Reporte de Citricos


The harvests of the week 52 rebounded compared to previous week, reaching 9,780 tons, which come mainly from the central zone of the country. Thus, 46,556 tons is the accumulated volumes to date, in line with the estimated and 1.6% more than the previous season at the same week.

Of the 9,780 tons exported on week 52, 4,802 tons were shipped to North America (49%), 3,523 tons to Europe (36%) and 1,445 tons to the Far East (15%).

Organic blueberries continue with increasing volumes. On week 52, 636 tons were exported. With this, 3,595 tons have been shipped to date; an increase of 39% compared to previous season to the same week. North America continues to be the main destination for organic production, with 76% of shipments accumulated to date. Europe stands out, where the accumulated volumes have been doubled and represent 23% of the total exports.

On the other hand, between January 02th to 04th is expected a heat wave that would affect the northern part of the country (IV, V and Metropolitan Region). This will not have a greater impact on blueberry crops, since in those zones the season is quite advanced and the current harvest volumes are limited.


North Zone:

The season is finished on IV Region. Crops in the V Region continue with decreasing volumes, in line to the stage of the season. Legacy and O´Neal continue in harvest, although with low volumes.

North-Central Zone:

The harvest is focused on mid-season varieties such as Legacy. Other early varieties, such as Duke, have decreased its volumes.

Central-South Zone:

The harvest is progresing at a good pace in the VII Region, focused on Legacy that is in the peak of volumes and Brigitta that is increasing these weeks. Duke meanwhile, is already decreasing. In the VIII Region, the harvest continues to advance at a moderate pace. Duke is passing the peak, while Legacy continues to increase its volumes.

South Zone:

Volumes continue to increase in IX and XIV Regions, with Duke mainly. The harvest in the X Region is beginning, although with light volumes.

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