Reporte de Citricos


During week 1, 9,754 tons were exported, accumulating up to date 57,191 tons, which represents a progress of 57% according to the initial estimate. This fruit comes mainly from the south central zone, which is passing the harvest peak. For the next week (2), a drop in the export volumes is expected due to the rains that affected the south and south central zone of the country and interrupted the harvests.

The exports of organic blueberries have again been an important milestone in the fresh blueberry industry. The total exported up to week 1 is 4,405 tons, 47% more than last season on the same date. For the total of this season is expected a significant increase, estimated at 25% more than the previous campaign, this is 12,500 tons of organic fresh blueberries. This is because the regions that are already finished or in their final stage of the season have experienced a growth of 74% compared to last season and the regions of greatest contribution to fresh organic exports the south zone are just beginning.

The total exports accumulated up to week 1, are 5% higher than previous season at same week. The European market has experienced the highest growth, with 34%. North America, on the other hand, has fallen by 4% and the Far East by 5%.


North Zone:

The season is over. There are still some fields to be harvested in Region V but the volumes are very low.

North-Central Zone:

The season in the Metropolitan Region and VI Region is in its final stage, with low harvest volumes of late varieties such as Brigitta and Legacy.

Central-South Zone:

The harvests were interrupted by the rains on Tuesday and Wednesday, affecting the south of the Region VII and Region VIII. Labors resumed normally on Thursday. As an effect, exports from these regions could be lower, due to the interruption of the harvest but also due to a greater fruit rejection, not suitable for fresh exports.

South Zone:

Rains were reported from the IX Region to the south, between Monday and Wednesday of this week, interrupting the labors. Harvests were resumed at the end of the week, focused on varieties such as Duke and Legacy.

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