Reporte de Citricos


The shipments of week 2 reached 9,002 tons, despite the rains and the interruption of the harvests. This week (3), the temperatures have risen and maximums are expected to reach around 30º C from the south central zone to the south. Therefore, an increase in the harvest rate is expected.

T66,302 tons have been shipped up to date (week 2), 6% more than the previous year. Shipments to Europe remain firm, with 3,064 tons during the week, while North America received 4,873 tons and Far East 1,050 tons.

Organic blueberries began the peak of exports period, with 1,047 tons shipped in week 2, this is because the increasing volume from the south zone, mainly the regions of Araucania and Los Rios. The accumulated exported volume up to date is 5,456 tons; this is an increase of 49% over the previous season at the same week. North America continues to be the main destination with 73% of the accumulated volumes, followed by Europe with a 25% share.


North Zone:

Season is finished.

North-Central Zone:

Season is finished.

Central-South Zone:

The VII Region has already passed the peak of volumes and the harvest is focused on late varieties such as Legacy and Brigitta. The VIII and the Ñuble Region also passed the peak of harvests although they continue with important volumes, mainly of Legacy and Brigitta that is increasing strongly these weeks. On the other hand, the maximum temperatures are expected to reach around 35 degrees from thursday to the end of the week, so it is expected a faster ripening these days.

South Zone:

The IX Region is in the peak of volumes. Duke shows decreasing volumes while Legacy is at the peak and Brigitta is increasing this week. The XIV Region shows volumes on the rise but is not yet at the peak. The main variety in harvest is Duke and Legacy is increasing.

Organic BB