Reporte de Citricos


The Chilean exports continue at the peak volumes period. During week 3, 10,437 tons were exported. The accumulated volume to date is 77,603 tons, a 77% of progress based on the estimate. However, it is very possible that the final volume will be 5% higher than the figure estimated after the hailstorm (November 18th) and will reach between 105 and 108 thousand tons. This is because the climate has behaved very benign during all summer, observing a greater development of fruits with calibers concentrated in the large sizes, this would compensate the drop of fruits by hail. Next week, this trend will be confirmed and, if necessary, the total volume estimated will be corrected.

Reviewing the Southern Hemisphere season so far, Peru has exported 72,288 tons up to date, 60.8% more than the previous season 2017-18 and its season is almost done. Argentina has already finished and exported 17,806 tons, 19% less than the previous season. Chile, on the other hand, has exported 77,603 tons, 7% more than the previous season. In short and considering sectors of low incidence such as juices and dehydrated, the total production volume in will be around 160,000 tons this season 2018-19. Not very different from the previous campaign, this speaks of an industry stabilized in its volumes.

Regarding organic blueberries, 1,552 tons were shipped on week 3, reaching an accumulated volume of 7,195 tons, which represents an increase of 52% compared to the previous season at the same week. However, the current season is expected to end at 12,500 tons, 25% more than last season.


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North Zone:

Season is finished.

North-Central Zone:

Season is finished.

Central-South Zone:

The harvest peak has already passed. Legacy volumes have declined sharply and Brigitta is passing the peak of harvest. Brightwell shows increasing volumes.

South Zone:

Regions IX and XIV are at the harvest peak. The main varieties are Brigitta and Legacy. Region X shows increasing volumes and the crops are focused on Legacy and Bluecrop.

Organic BB