Reporte de Citricos


During week 7 4,876 tons of fresh blueberries were exported from Chile. This volume is in line with the figure forecasted last week, where a lower volume was mentioned due to the high temperatures recorded which limited the fresh shipments. However, during the previous week (7) the weather has been better and although the weekly shipments are in a downward trend, it is probable that the harvests will present a greater “fresh” portion than the previous. 

Out of the 4,876 tons shipped in the previous week, 762 were organic, with this, 12,922 tons have been shipped up to week 7, representing 12.8% of the total. On week 7, the total volume shipped by Chile surpassed the 100,000 tons, reaching 105,025 tons, 4% more than the previous season in the same week. 

The recap by macro zones is very similar than the previous week. The only exception is the north zone, which accounted for 14% less than the previous week. This difference has been compensated by the rest of the zones. However, it is very clear that this season will end in a very similar way than the previous one. 


North Zone:

Season is finished.

North-Central Zone:

Only some later varieties of the VII region remain in harvest, such as Brightwell, Ochlockonee, Tifblue and Brigitta,  but the harvests are on the downside and the end is expected for a further week.

Central-South Zone:

This region still presents strong harvests in some localities, being Legacy, Brigitta and Brightwell the most important ones. However, there is a significant drop in volumes and are expected to end within 4 weeks.

South Zone:

With low volumes, the varieties in harvest which give the highest export volume are Brigitta and Brightwell. There is also a lower volume compared to the harvests of the same week of the previous year. This region will continue in harvest with very limited volumes throughout March.

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